It’s difficult to predict the exact salary for a Flutter developer in 2023, as it depends on various factors such as location, experience, company size, and industry. However, we can look at the current trends and make an educated guess.

According to various job portals and salary aggregation websites, the average annual salary for a Flutter developer in the US in 2021 is around $105,000, while in India, it is around INR 7,00,000. These numbers are expected to rise in the coming years as the demand for Flutter developers is increasing rapidly.

In addition, as Flutter is a relatively new technology, the salaries for experienced Flutter developers are likely to be higher than those for developers who are just starting out. Furthermore, Flutter developers who have experience in related technologies such as Dart and mobile development may also command higher salaries.

Overall, the salary for a Flutter developer in 2023 is expected to be above the average salary for a mobile app developer due to the increasing demand for Flutter skills and its unique cross-platform capabilities

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